Zon is a master ninja of the Shadow Sun, and has opened a dojo in Rashemen to aid in Rashemen’s protection.


Born Cal-Shekk Marr, the son of a farmer and an herbalist. Cal-Shekk was a rather quite child and also very solitary until the birth of his two sisters when he turned 6, which he was very protective of until the Witches took them both. He began to show a natural talent for combining herbs and alchemy. His mother help to refine Cal-shekk’s talent, which lead to him helping to his mother with the sale of his family’s herbs. He developed a lot of interest in the far east, so when he turned 20 he said good bye to his family and sent off for the land of his dreams.

He went seeking to learn more about eastern herbs and alchemy. After visiting several major city’s and following tales of rare herbs, he found his way to a small valley in the southern jungles. It was there that he would study under a hermit name Choo Lang . After one year Cal-Shekk decided to return home and reunite with his family and take up the family business.


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