The Yakuza

Literally ‘Violent Crime Syndicate’, the Yakuza are conglomeration of thugs and crime families that seek to control the underworld and also the Shou populus. Many Yakuza arrived with the Shou fleeing the hordes of horse nomads burning their swath of destruction across the northern lands. Given the large Shou population of Thesk, especially Psant, their influence is not to be dismissed so easily.

To finance their criminal activities, the Yakuza operate gambling houses, as well as extortion rings and sell several illegal substances. Because of the nature of the organization, much of this takes place at hidden locations protected by well-armed thugs. While clanlords may claim some method of honor, the rank and file of the organizations are little more than a chain of brutality, with lesser members often free to terrorize honest citizens so long as their boss never finds out, lest they lose a few fingers.

The more prominent Yakuza gang in Psant operates under the name Koakyu-Kai, or the Red Dragon Group. They can be distinguished by their tendancy to wear red and white. This is so much to the point that the group supplies it’s members with Psychoactive skins colored to match the gang’s. It was later revealed that the head of the Kaoku-Kai had a red dragon as his familiar.

Known Yakuza: Dono Tagotchi: The Golden Master DECEASED, Mr. Yamoto: The Golden Blade

The Yakuza

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