Raisa Wunjo is the only child of Asuli Wunjo, wife of Ardahl Wunjo, brother to Hemdall Wunjo. She is Diasaan Wunjo’s only cousin, companion of her childhood days, and best friend, as well as two years older than the Othlar.

Raisa and Diasaan were trained together in the magical arts. Or, at any rate, Raisa’s mother intended it to be so. However, where Heimdall’s half-Rashemi daughter shone at magecraft and showed an enviable brilliance, her own pure Rashemi daughter was unable to grasp even the simplest of magical concepts, threat and comparison aside.

Despite her mother’s bitterness and constant attempts to play the girls against each other, Raisa’s own natural kindness led to the two becoming inseperable companions, allies against Asuli’s fits of temper and playmates. Diasaan would try to help Raisa with her studies, and in turn, sweet Raisa would try to keep her younger cousin from being too serious, or taking Asuli’s jibes too much to heart, somehow making every sharp word seem a kind of praise in the retelling.

She and Dia were both beautiful girls, and the youths of the village began to realize this, and grow emboldened when they didn’t see Ardahl or Asuli watching. When Raisa actually took a fancy to one of the boys of the village at eighteen, Asuli sent her away to Immilmar to study with a priestess of the Hidden One of her acquaintance, supposedly because she had realized the girl’s calling was that of the temple.

Raisa was saddened by her seperation from Diasaan, and a bit disappointed at her mother’s contrivance to get her away from her pet casual flirtation. However, at the temple she could understand her lessons, and more, found the Hidden One’s favor, becoming a priestess. Perhaps not the greatest of priestesses, perhaps not meant for great things, but a content one, who took joy in knowing she could help others and, due to her kind nature, readily made friends. She was sad that correspondance to her cousin had been forbidden, but otherwise enjoyed the relative freedom of her life in Immilmar.

When Raisa turned twenty-two, news came to her that Ubulji-under-the-Heather, the village she and Dia had been raised in, had been captured and the inhabitants were presumed dead. She regretted the loss of her mother and father, and was as sad to think little Di-Di, as she called her cousin, must have been killed as well. However, some time later, she happened to be readying to leave the temple a little while when a masked hathran nearly knocked into her on her way into the place. She found herself looking up into an unmarked white mask, only ice-blue eyes evident to meet her own. There was a widening of them, a blink, then the noble, tall figure slipped off her mask to reveal all too familiar features.

Apparently, Di-Di was now one of the Hathran. She had somehow survived. The woman put her mask back on quickly and requested Raisa meet with her later, at her convinience, then went about her business. When, in that later meeting, full of tears and laughter and traded stories, she found out her cousin was part of a group of brave warriors who were seeking to discover why so many of their countrymen had been turned werewolf, and more, that Diasaan herself had helped retake the Iron Fortress and been part of the rescuing of the Iron Lord’s son, she lept at the chance to help her.

Where was there room for bitterness, after all, when she saw better than anyone else the weariness in Dia’s eyes? Her cousin had grown into a strong, caring, noble woman, even if she hid behind bitter talk with any but herself and Mherreshyn, the unicorn who followed her as protector at the time. That was mad enough. Little Di-Di with a unicorn following behind her, celestials at her beck and call, every bit the noble, yet still ready, when no one was looking anyway, to trade girlish jokes with her.

After her cousin and the others who traveled with her, good, noble souls as well, rooted out the Order of the Icy Dawn and Dia was honored as an Othlar, Raisa came to stay with her a while, to mingle with her students and, most important to her, make sure little Di-Di was really handling all that madness alright. She encouraged her to find her own family, which Dia herself hadn’t seen since she was a young girl.

However, seeking them out led to poor Raisa being chosen by the erynes Dia insulted as victim. She was enchanted, raped, impregnated, then finally released. When she realized what was done, and then realized atop it she was expecting a half-fiendish child, something inside the sunny woman broke. Despite her cousin’s atypically gentle insistance she would help Raisa see this through and either find a way to redeem the child or undo the wrong done her, her assurances she would keep Raisa’s shame secret and that the cleric should not despair, the woman saw the whole mess as her own fault. Afraid of what grew inside her, dirtied by that creature, afraid of what her mother would have thought to know she was weak-willed enough to be enchanted away at all, Raisa decided she should be one less worry and poisoned herself.

In a mad series of events, Raisa was avenged (see rabbit ), and Diasaan arranged to have her beloved cousin raised. Raisa is staying with Heimdall and Anharred for now, protected and coddled and surrounded by cousins and children.

Raisa is perhaps one of the greatest of the burdens of guilt Diasaan carries with her.


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