A well-fed, glossy furred rabbit with white fur, black ears, and red eyes lives in a comfortably sized hutch on the fourth floor of the Othlor Diasaan’s tower. It is on its own here, and the hutch is always meticulously clean. An elegantly simple collar reading “Farror” is latched about his neck.

He began as an erynes in service to Emmara Ishandrenn, who made the mistake of capturing an older Rashemi warrior, his Damarran wife, and six of their tribe of grandchildren. It just happened that the Rashemi warrior was the famed Hemdall Wunjo, Diasaan’s father, and the Damarran her mother, Anharred.

Diasaan rescued her mother and father, and claimed the maimed remains of two of the children, the bodies of the other four. She and her parents slew the minotaur servants of Emmara, and intended to return to finish the job.

Farror came to Diasaan’s tower to ‘offer his services’ to the young witch, his Celestial flawless, his charm in place. His miscalculation, if he had hoped to win her over to betray, was that this was no simpering sorceress, but a wizard who had seen far too much betrayal already and was hardly about to trust any stranger who could teleport into her tower unannounced and knock on her own bedroom door. She turned him away with hard words, repenting only after she realized this had been a being powerful enough to do that.

At that point, it was much too late, and Farror had charmed and taken one of Diasaan’s followers. The wrong one to ever be given any peace—her cousin Raisa, her most trusted companion and dearest friend, chosen only because she had the misfortune to be the most beautiful of Diasaan’s followers, the Othlar’s equal in loveliness.

Because there were many things at stake, Diasaan chose to persue the murderer of her nieces and nephews over seeking out Raisa, for fear her parents, both bold warriors if past their prime, would take it into their heads to go on their own. Raisa’s absence continued. Once Emmara Ishandrenn was punished, slain for her crimes, the Othlar set about divining her cousin’s location.

Much to her embarrassment, her seeking only showed her things she would rather not see, and because Raisa was charmed, the cleric seemed more than compliant. She always had a weak spot for handsome men, and Dia had ruffled feathers to settle with her parents, matters to arrange for the children. Unfortunately for Raisa, she chose to believe that the woman was complacent in matters.

When Raisa returned a few days later, however, speaking in glowing terms of this man, Diasaan discovered the charm on her and broke it. The young woman suddenly realized what had been done to her and began weeping. She then discovered she was pregnant, carrying the a half-fiendish child. Diasaan swore to do all she could to protect her cousin and somehow either redeem the child within her or undo the harm, she kept her cousin’s shame secret from her students and sunk deeply into research.

Unfortunately, Raisa was driven by her despair in what had happened, what she felt her own weakness had led to, and what grew inside her, to commit suicide by poison. Diasaan snapped, when shown her cousin’s corpse, had the body put under spells of preservation, and began tracing the movements of Farror.

Her divinations taught her that what he’d done to Raisa was hardly a rarity. He was a rapist, doubly so in her eyes, for she saw compulsion as a kind of rape as well. A user, a monster, and worse, he had broken the most precious thing the wizard ever kept near. She pinpointed where he stayed, then called upon a powerful celestial to bring him to justice. For the price of a magical harp that would sing and play for the capricious eladrin Astraea, Diasaan bought a huntress who could traverse the space between and more, powerful enough to mete the punishment this dispoiler so justly deserved upon him. Not only for breaking her Raisa, but for all the others he’d done this to.

Instead of killing him, however, Astraea presented her with a rabbit. A rabbit fully aware of who he was and what he should be, who shrieked in the garden, its charm letting her and two of her trusted students hear more than an earful about how he’d been tricked, and wronged, and would get his revenge.

Farror was given the choice of his fate by Diasaan. Death at that moment by the hands of the eladrin who had captured him, or a lifetime of imprisonment, of course, in the most humane of conditions. At his failure to choose, Diasaan simply had him confined to a rabbit hutch after magically neutering him to ensure that even if he did regain his natural form, he would have to go to some extremes to be able to sport as he had before.

Diasaan does not advertize who this rabbit was, beyond the vanity of the silver collar with its elegantly etched name upon it. The apprentices simply know that she attends the cage herself, feeds the rabbit daily, and has ordered that no one is to harm him, for he is her ‘special guest.’

This has, of course, led to many rumors about madness among the students. The two witnesses to this, however, understood nothing of what they saw and maintain their silence out of respect for the Othlor in this matter.


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