This location details some of the individuals involved the events happening around the party. Many of these individuals are unknowns, awaiting classification as Enemy or Ally, and some of them simply are forces of neutrality.

Mr. M” is perhaps the most important unknown thus far, already having made several appearances.

Sandro Halfdead has yet to make his first appearance. What does this mysterious creature seek?

The various orc tribes in the region have not yet been contacted.

Despite being largely evil, and having captured the group in the Giant’s Forest, Diasaan Wunjo is now working under a Geas for the resident giants of the countryside. The Othlor has agreed to find and deal with the Killing Darkness. This brings into question: what allegiance does the group now have with these beings?

Our heroes have already encountered an Elemental Wierd, and defended it from a lonely despair-ridden demise. What role did this force of nature have to play?


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