Orcs of Thesk

Initially nothing more than second class citizens in Thesk, left behind from the original endeavour to stop the hordes of the east, recently the Orc population has become something of a pariah. The first Dono Tagotchi set them up as scapegoats for several nefarious deeds and mobilized the city’s militia to wage a war of extermination on the surrounding orc civilizations. The orcs responded with full-scale warfare. The loss of thousands of lives was avoided though delicate diplomatic negotiations headed up by a few enterprising individuals hailing from the neighboring country of Rashemen.

The Outcast Tribe

Unfortunately, on especially violent and cruel tribed—the Outcast Tribe, said to have demonic blood still considered themselves slighted. Those same Rashemi individuals took it upon themselves to personally destroy that tribe’s ability to wage war, attacking a large hive that had become a temple dedicated to savagrey, war, and most surprisingly of all: hellish draconic hybrids.

An Uneasy Peace

The negotiations with the other tribes of Thesk resulted in an advance in civil rights for the orcish population. One item of note is the obelisk in the largest market square of pstant. Built to serve as a reminder that humanoids should not be judged by their race, but by their deeds as well as a promise that the atrocites of Dono Tagotchi would not be repeated. It remains to be seen how long the distrustful citizens of the east can coexist with the warlike orc tribes, but for now both are working together toward a bright future.


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