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Player Characters

  • Diasaan Wunjo the owner of the flying tower. Status: Active
  • Oksana Baiul is a holy woman who tags along and patches people up. Status: Active
  • Gweneth A specialized dragon hunter brought in due to the dragon problem. Status: Active
  • Kiba Gweneth’s partner and a master of the familiar bonding ritual. Status: Active
  • Borivik Iltzyara a master of nine in search of 9 legendary weapons. Status: Inactive
  • Imzel married to a fellow wizard, Imzel bends spells to suit her needs. Status: Inactive
  • Rraskinar Remenimi a barbarian warrior from the frozen land of Rashemen. Status: Inactive
  • Zon A ninja (ex-assassin) who excels at not being noticed and gathering information. Status Active
  • Mandana Nikoo Shadi is an honorary Rashemi, swift as flame and proven in battle. Wife of Borivik. Status: Active

Non Player Characters

As time progresses, it’s impossible to not make some people mad, view some of the Enemies that have been made.
Even if they are few and far between, every good guy has a few Allies.
Individuals who defy definition the Others our heroes have come across.


The group is currently in the country of Thesk spending most of their time in the city-state of Phsant.

Buying, selling, and commissioning magic items requires frequenting a few Businesses.

Places of power, ley line junctions, abandoned strongholds filled with monster, Sites of Intrigue.

Plot Threads

  • The Yakuza Were perhaps the first real threat that was encountered in Thesk.
  • Dragons have made themselves known, first to the heroes, and now to the entire town.
  • Vampires have been reported to be sighted, and no less than two have been confirmed, as well as numerous spawn. More are sure to be discovered.
  • Orcs are nearly 20% of the population of this area, making them an undeniable factor in much of what the group does.


Main Page

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