The following rhymes were recieved with the gifts Mr. M brought to the party, along with the Zodar. They were delivered by magic mouth, in response to a question or phrase uttered by one of the characters.

What is it?

This note was on the chocolate:

This Zodar should serve you quite well
One wish it might just fufill
While mystery abounds
It shall follow you ’round
And, for now, it can save you from hell


Attatched to the wine.

To tangle with draconic beasts
A courageous but foolhardy feat
so you hire new swords
but take heed of my words
part of their plan is nearly complete

Who sent this?

On the music box.

So shouting with vigor and vim
“Who taunts us with rhyiming!” Ahem.
Out of your path I shall stay
’till one day you say
“Thank you, our dear Mister M.”


Triple Dragon Ante BoSheck BoSheck