Large, generally evil humanoid shaped creatures. Giants are strong enough to hurl boulders, kick down trees, and cause damage with the weapons they use. Evil giants often dine on intelligent humanoids, and have no qualms with enslaving others.

Recently the giants of Thesk have been greatly subdued. At night, they fear to venture forth for a perfect sphere of blackness has been taking them. The sphere is said to appear from the darkness of the sky, and pluck even the strongest warrior from the ranks of a band of giants. The screams can be heard for some distance, until it has been taken too far or-with agonizing screams and bloody gurgles-falls silent.

The sphere has been dubbed by the giants of the land “The Killing Darkness”.

Recently, through a series of compicated events, Diasaan Wunjo was placed under a Quest spell at a Council of Giant Chiefans to find, and either destroy or drive away The Killing Darkness


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