Initial investigations into the criminal underworld of Psant revealed a thriving gang oriented culture headed up by wealthy and powerful Yakuza lords. The premiere lord being Dono Tagotchi, a cruel man with a pet red dragon, headed up the Koakyu-Kai.

During his imprisonment Rraskinar Remenimi was sprung from jail by a Red Dragon and left in a forest near an elemental weird’s pool, corrupted by some foul energy. The same dragon attacked the city, destroying the Internal Affairs building where Tipret Prenskylvar had met with the party before.

At the Weird’s pool, Rraskinar was questioned by a sphere of darkness. Dia Showed up in short order engaging both the corrupt Weird and, what turned out to be a vampiric dragon, covered in runes.

While dealing with the Outcast Orc Clan it was discovered that many of the orcs were dragonblooded, the mountain was guarded by an Abyssal Drake, and the orcs were in possession of several redspawn birthers—breeding draconic beasts to wage war with. Near the birther lair the red dragon was encountered again, briefly, before diving into a river of molten rock.


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