Anharred Jarlsdoitter Wunjo is the mother of Diasaan Wunjo and wife of Heimdall Wunjo. This beautiful and strong woman, gold of hair and blue of eye, is a towering 6’3, an echo of distant giant-blood. She was once a great warrior in her own right, the only daughter of a dragonslayer in her homeland. Her father was contracted to slay a particularly dangerous white dragon, and slain in the process. To redeem his honor, each of her six brothers tried and failed. After her youngest brother failed to return, Anna sought out warriors brave enough to come with her to redeem her family name and end the threat.

The man who eventually helped her vanquish her sworn foe was a quiet, serene Rashemi man, young Heimdall Wunjo. Though he could be quite as frightening as their prey in battle, the man was gentle and calm, personable and friendly beyond the field. His nobility charmed her, and as there was nothing left she wanted in Damarra once the dragon fell, she returned with him to his homeland to be his wife.

Anna met a great deal of suspicion and was quietly ostracised without it exactly being called such a thing. As bold and strong a warrior as she was, she remained a foreigner, even if her husband was the son of a great woman, and returned with many proofs he had grown to be a great man. Mind, never was an ill word spoken in Heimdall’s hearing. But Anna was no mild-mannered woman to simply listen, and her temper was firey. She eventually persuaded her husband to build their dwelling apart from the village, and they raised their children there.

Those who dared threaten or mock the children of Anharred and Heimdall learned quite quickly the strength of a bloodline of dragon-hunters, and learned beyond that even with a little softness come of child-bearing and a simpler life, the woman never let herself go soft. Mind, she never killed anyone, nor did she openly carry a weapon, but she was magnificent at tripping, pinning, and could fist-fight as well as most men.

It earned her a quiet respect, through the suspicion.

Even now, at fifty-four, Anharred is strong enough and skilled enough to wrestle down a minotaur. Perhaps Diasaan didn’t inherit her physical strength, but they share a certain resoluteness, a fierce temper and quickness to anger in the face of threats to what they hold dear.


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