Spelldrinker, Intelligent Longsword Magebane, Binding, Impedance, Illusion Bane, Greater Morphing Longsword +4

Special Purpose: Defeat/Slay arcane casters. Any Arcane caster or character whose alignment opposes that of Spelldrinker gains two negative levels, four if both. These negative levels cannot be removed or overcome in any fashion. They go away as soon as the character no longer possesses the Blade.

When wielded, Spelldrinker grants the wielder SR of 5+Hit Dice, in addition, any effect that fails to overcome its spell resistance is rebounded back upon the caster as though reflected by spell-turning. Spelldrinker can lower or raise this SR as a standard action.

Three Lesser Powers, one Dedicated power. 120ft. Darkvision and Hearing. Cure Mod on wielder 3/day. Item can Detect Magic at Will. 10 ranks in Knowledge: Arcana 17 Cha 17 Int 10 Wis Speech Telepathy Ego Score: 26

Languages: Common, Rashemi, Raumathari, Draconic, Elven

Any arcane spellcaster in possession of spelldrinker must make a will save (DC 26+1 per previous consecutive save) every 1d10 days, or suffer nightmares of losing their arcane power, murdering their brethren, and losing their humanity—all because of their ties to the Arcane. Any arcanist who fails 3 such saving throws goes mad, and is insane (as the insanity spell). This is a mind affecting (enchantment) ability.

Any non-arcanist who regularly associates with arcane spellcasters must make a will save every 2d10 days, or suffer nightmares of the atrocities and unwordly destruction their arcane companions are inevitably going to wreak upon them, and everything they love. After three unsuccessful saves, the item begins a personality conflict, waiting until an opportune moment to take control and strike down (or simply put in their place) any arcanist allies its wielder might have.

Spelldrinker can use Dimension Door on itself and its wielder when in pursuit of its special purpose.


Spelldrinker’s voice is that of a mature male, soothing and calm-one that seems to mask its emotion when it’s not actually participating in a discussion, which happens rarely. Spelldrinkers original wielder described him as taciturn, but extremely opinionated and often contrary. Thusly, the sword would silently disagree, forming his own judgments on matters being discussed and happening, and interjecting his opinion when he felt other could benefit from it-after they had the opportunity to learn for themselves. The sword was a rather moody blade, and tended to be insensitive to the plights of others-and even its wielder. Though Spelldrinker has no qualms healing his wielder, when he is able to do so, but tends to save such abilities for tactically opportune moments.

When presented with an obstacle, the blade tends to contemplate the obstacle for a great, long while, formulating an exacting and excruciatingly detailed plan. Spelldrinker has no qualms with lying-even to it’s wielder-but when trouble is afoot or an arcanist is nearby to be brought to it’s place the blade is a fearless combatant, ruthlessly maneuvering his wielder and companions into a certain-checkmate for his foes.

When not about the battlefield, or hunting vile arcanists in their lairs, Spelldrinker enjoys the act of gardening. Rather, Spelldrinker prefers his owner to garden, while he sits about enjoying the plant life, discussing horticultural techniques with whoever is about. If, during an extended downtime, someone doesn’t take him out for at least a day of botanical relaxation, Spelldrinker takes every opportunity to point out that in their spare time they could be enjoying a well-put together garden-to the point of morphing himself into a spade.


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