Tipret Prenskylvar

Half-elven contact in the city of Psant


Tipret is the woman who has on several occasions given direction to the actions of the PCs during their time in Psant. Some members of the party know she is a Shadowmaster, and other are not priveledged to this information. She also serves as Director of Internal Affairs for the city, and was assisting in the investigation of Dono Tagotchi. She is also one of the individuals the group is to bring evidence to in regards to the crimes of Rraskinar Remenimi.

She is known to be an accomplished stealth agent, being quite intelligent and capable. Tipret takes the most business-like approach when she is working, but is a humble and reasonable woman beyond her career. Currently she makes her home at the tower, as the Internal Affairs building was destroyed during the same draconic attack from the city that freed Rraskinar from prison, making him appear to be in league with the dragon. She does not often venture out at night, for fear of the vampires in the city, having only barely escaped an attack by former subordinants quite recently.

Tipret Prenskylvar

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