Dono Tagotchi

Yakuza Lord, former Merchant Prince


Tagotchi is known to have a red dragon familiar, is a reasonably skilled swordsman, a powerful sorcerer, and knows more dirty tricks than a red wizards knows spells.


Tagotchi’s history is lost to the flow of time at this point. While that information is not unattainable, his importance as a player in the politics of Psant has been greatly diminished.

Tagotchi began his relationship to the party as an unknown. The PCs were dispatched to cut off the tips of his index and middle fingers on his right hand and deliver them to Tipret Prenskylvar. The act of removing the tips of the fingers is commonplace in the Yakuza heirarchy. It forces the subordinate to rely more on their team for support and not to act out an individual, a punishment entirely ment to remind Tagochi that the Yakuza are not the most poweful syndicate in the area. While this brutal act may see ma random task of cruelness, it was also meant as a test of loyalty, guts, and capability for the group. One that was summarily failed.

Tagotchi not only escaped, but Diasaan Wunjo was killed twice in battle—nearly within the span of a minute, and felled by a single blow from the crime lord. The Tagotchi Estate was severely damaged, and the crime lord took up residence elsewhere for a breif time. In the estate, the surviving adventurers found evidence that the Yakuza boss was up to no good. Further investigation yielded that he was, in fact, the Golden Master.

Whether his timeline happened to fall as such, or the appearant attempt on his life spurred him into action, the Yakuza Lord enacted a swift and brutal plan to wrest control of the city. Several groups of orc assassins were sent to take care of the Merchant Princes of the city. All were expected to die, but one group had been equiped with terrible devices that caused their bodies to explode in violent death throes upon their demise. This resulted in only one target actually being killed, along with his entire guard contingent, and every assassin sent: The High Merchant Prince.

It was then a simple matter for Tagotchi to convince the council to apoint him High Prince and give him emergency power. In this short time, Diasaan Wunjo, Rraskinar Remenimi, and the others had been duped into wandering into a trap in the Giant’s Forest. When they returned, some time later, it was already too late: Internment camps had been constructed for every orc-blooded citizen in Content Not Found: Psant, the military had been mobilized, and Tagotchi had surrounded himself with a powerful contingent of innocent and unknowing guardsment.

After much debating on a plan, and a great deal of investigation and drama, the truth of the matter was revealed: Tagotchi was the Golden Master, a murderer, a fraud, and evil to the core. Before a meeting to bring all the evidence together, Tagotchi and Faces made their move. Rraskinar Remenimi was framed, and the evidence against now High Merchant Prince Tagotchi had been stolen. The group despaired, briefly, and worked hard to come up with a plan. Meanwhile one of Tagotchi’s peers had kidnapped two of Diasaan’s students, and demanded a duel of honor for their release: The price was to be noninterference in future Yakuza matters, including Tagotchi. Dia’s champion lost, and she withdrew to the tower, accpeting the bargain-though she would later go back on her word.

After much brainstorming and discussion, Tipret Prenskylvar called Mandana into one of her offices at the Internal Affairs division. They had a master of disguise who worked for them, and had devised a plan to remove Tagotchi, put a man in power who would undo the Prince’s wrongs, and advance their own agenda. All without anyone having to ever know. The only catch was that the real Tagotchi, and his close friends at the Prince’s mansion had to be disposed of.

It wasn’t long before another botched plan was enacted. Many of the city’s guard were killed after an intense and long battle staged during a State Dinner. The entire party stormed his Mansion, in the guise of Yakuza thugs, making it appear as though the Lord had made enemies with the violent citizens of the Shou-district. The battle went back and forth for some time, until Tagotchi’s Red Dragon familiar had sustained enough damage to be thrown into a panic. The familiar pulled forth an expensive and deadly scroll, and turned everyone and everything in the mantion to ice. The heavy rain outside became a blizzard, and over half of the surviving guardsmen died. Tagotchi and the dragon survived, as did the party, who later apprehended him.

With everyone at the mansion dead, including the merchant council, Tagotchi’s replacement was easy to move in. Diasaan Wunjo then set about summoning creatures to cheaply and effectivly raise the dead, and it appeared as though the benevolent merchant prince had arranged it himself.

Very little interrogation was done to the real Tagotchi, before he was summarily turned into a Koi. He retained none of his mental abilities, and live happily in the pool on the same level as Dia’s pet “rabbit”.

Dono Tagotchi

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