Oksana Baiul

A holy woman who follows Diasaan, for now


Oksana is an exaulted cleric and Radiant Servant of “Lathander” who specializes in healing and dealing with undead. She has sworn off material possessions, donating anything she is given to charities. She shines with golden light when she chooses to, and can even bleed herself to heal others.


Oksana doesn’t like to talk about her life before she joined the church of Lathandar. She waves it off, murmers something about her mother being a good woman, then changes the subject. The beautiful cleric doesn’t seem overly concerned with privacy in most matters, but her usually warm brown eyes harden if the issue is pushed.

She bears scars across her palms, which she usually wraps in a bit of rag to draw attention away from them. Diagonal cuts, almost matched up, bitten deep into the flesh and never truly healed. When she is desperate to heal another, they open up and weep blood still, but this gives her that extra strength that she needed, so she never complains. She admits in embarrassment that they were the result of a foolish attempt to stay a man’s sword for a stranger she’d been tending. She still isn’t quite sure why she caught the blade in her hands, but it seemed the right thing at the time? And the mercy she’d bidden for was given, so it had been worthwhile.

Oksana is pretty easygoing about most things that aren’t outright evil. She is acceping and friendly, usually. However, being pushed into situations where she is faced with death, questionable morals for what might not even be a good in the end, and handling the recklessness of Diasaan and the others is hardly a pleasure for her. Beyond this, there is one thing she has little tolerance for at all…drink. Drunken people upset her. Drinking disgusts her. The very smell of alcohol offends her. She never explained why, she gives no excuses. Instead, she merely voices her displeasure, or shows it in fits and fussing.

In the tower, Oksana often speaks with the girls. She’s seen as a gentle and motherly influence, and highly respected. She enjoys spending time in the garden and feeding the pigeons with Diasaan from time to time, and will try to draw the woman out in conversation, with little success. She sees Dia as a kind of pupil, one who needs to be kept from straying off the path of righeousness, and one who needs to find balance in herself.

Oksana Baiul

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