Tower's Mephits

Operational crew for Diasaan's tower.


Standard steam mephits.


The boisterous basement-dwelling crew of Diasaan Wunjo‘s tower are quickly and easily known, and not necessarily on good standing with the current residents of the upper level. While an oppresively hot, steam-filled environ such as the engine area would be deadly to most creatures, these outsiders are more than comfortable living with the engines. Concerned with little more than the moment, and how they can entertian themselves while fufilling their contract of piloting the tower, the mephits often get into trouble within the bounds of their tiny domain. Current mephish plans include the construction of a still and furnishings beyond their recently acquired ’prize table’, and other furniture capable of surviving ‘below deck’.

Originally eight in number, two of the mephits were slain in a recent raid on the tower itself. This leaves it’s flight capability somewhat diminished until replacements are obtained and contracted to serve. The surviving mephits go by the names: Steamvis, Harv, Cloudhead, Tony, Boozer, and Tweak.

Tower's Mephits

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