Maritza Skuld

Conjurer and follower of Diasaan Wunjo


Diasaan Wunjo’s chief apprentice. A promising conjurer who aspires to be as noble as she thinks the Othlor is.


Maritza Skuld is a twenty-four year old conjurer who studies with Diasaan Wunjo. She greatly admires the younger woman and often forgets just how young she is. Maritza is Diasaan’s most gifted student.

A plain, somewhat nervous woman with mussy dark hair, barely more than five feet tall, Maritza is usually the pushed into being the bearer of bad news by the other students when messages must be taken to Diasaan or the other PCs. She also, however, is the most personable of the group. She actually studied fighting a little with Xan, and will converse if spoken with, as long as she doesn’t suspect she is out of line.

Maritza is also the most trusted of the students. She is generally entrusted with the testing of food stocks, and when Diasaan is otherwise occupied, is the caretaker of the rabbit. She is also generally trusted with seeing to guests, and sees to the door when she notices the mephits are all ready to let someone in again.

When she’s not busy, she is most often reading in the library. She doesn’t bother hating the other girls for pushing her into such situations, simply sighs and gets things over with. She is hard to really anger, either.

Maritza Skuld

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