Mr. M

A mysterious benefactor nudging the heroes occasionally.


Mr. M:
| Full Name: Unknown. | Alias: Mr. M. |
| Date of Birth: Unknown | Age: Between 30 and 40 years old. |
| Race: Human | Gender: Male |
| Height: Approximately 6’2" | Weight: Approximately 210 lb |
| Eye Color: Brown | Hair Color: Black | Hair Style: Medium-length, wavy. |
Body Type: Toned, Medium.
Distinguishing features: Well trimmed beard, wears fitted formal clothing. Generally tidy appearance.

In his second appearance, Mr. M disguised himself as a waiter, to deliver a several fortune cookies to the group. Inside the cookies were crypic notes, which could be called misfortunes.

Some time later, Mr. M also disguised himself as a giant at the Council of Giant Elders. The giants there had coerced the group into agreeing to come along, he took them aside at one point, to reveal himself and warn them.

Following that, the mysterious benefactor delivered a Zodar to the top level of the tower, inadvertantly setting off several of the traps Diasaan Wunjo had designed. The Zodar delivered 3 gifts, each of which had a note with a mouth drawn on it. When the grumpy characters (it was very early for them) stumbled upon the correct word or phrase, or idea, a particular note would spout a limericks.

The 3 gifts were a box of chocolates, a bottle of fine wine, and a fancy music box. Diasan was disgusted at the amorous gifts, while the remainder of the group seemed alright. The wine has already bestowed innate resistance to acid upon those who imbibed it, and the music box contained a hint to the nature of the enemy.

Mr. M

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