Ra-wai "The Lightning"

Accomplished Guard Captain


Rawai uses a katana, and has been witnessed as quite accomplished in the art of Iajutsu focus, as well as being a capable spellcaster. His speed in battle is said to rival a sprinting cheetah.


Ra-wai was first encountered by the group in their original failed raid on the Tagotchi estate, listening to a report on the break-in at a nearby guard station. They had no idea then, but he would later play a major part in things to come.

Ra-wai the lightning began his career as a guard with the intent to protect his city of Psant. He eventually took to adventuring, gathering power and striking at the enemies of his beloved home. When his companions moved on to seek greater evils and injustices, Ra-wai simply bid them farewell, and took up residence in his city home, applying for reinstatement as a city guardsman.

With ease he made his way to captaining his own unit, then marshalling more men and bringing order to the city in many matters. Never caring much for beaurocracy, Ra-wai remains a captain, with a great deal of special treatment.

It was Ra-wai whow as assigned to personally over see the investigation of the former High Merchant Prince’s assassination. Ra-wai had the fortune of being chosen as the new Prince’s personal bodyguard, and built a team of expert guards around the man rather quickly, despite disliking Dono Tagotchi. It should be noted that ‘The Lightning’ was more than willing to cooperate in the lawful investigation of the possibly corrupt merchant, and even lent a helping hand when he could.

Having met his travelling companions, and understanding the life of an adventurer better than his peers, Ra-wai also worked behind the scenes to ensure Rraskinar was set to recieve a trial for his appearant actions at the Central Guard Station (the occasion the berserker was framed). It was he who personally oversaw the capture and transport of the Rashemi.

Ra-wai currently concerns himself with guarding the new High Merchant Prince and wracking his brain to outplay whatever game this new threat (the vampires, and now the dragon) are at.

Ra-wai "The Lightning"

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