Kuthar of Ironhame

Archwizard hired recently.


Kuthar is known to be a powerful wizard. His spellbook is extensive, though he has displayed a bend for spells with ruthless efficiency. He has a Quasit familiar, which keeps relatively close.


Nobody has asked much about Kuthar. Not much at all. He runs a shop called “The Great Traveller of Magnificence and Minutes”, presumably in reference to himself. The wizard seems to display a working knowledge of the areas around him, but everything is skewed with an egotistical self-interest. He was reccomended by Ra-wai “The Lightning”, giving him at least one point in his favor, and seems to be capable of taking care of himself.

He seemed rather eager at the opportunity to join the group for a fair share of the treasure involved in exterminating an entire orc clan.

Kuthar of Ironhame

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