Juyia Hazelhand

Druidess who tends The Unicorn's Saloon


Druid Wolf companion: Goldeneyes


Juyia Hazelhand is a benevolent, beautiful, and rather old flirt. Because of her class abilities she has ceased to acquire penalties for aging and thus retains her youthful beauty well into her senior years. She enjoys the pleasures that life offers and loves the garden that many call a bar. The Unicorn’s Saloon is her life and she would defend the grounds to the death, as would Goldeneyes. As such she tolerates no bawdiness, and often metes out temporary punishment to any would-be ruffians. She doesn’t mind the Shadowmasters nearly as much as the Yakuza, and gladly pays what she deems ‘a reasonable fee for avoiding trouble’ and ‘keeping things running smoothly’.

Juyia Hazelhand

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