Master of Disguise, even for a Doppleganger.


In addition to incredible disguise and bluff abilities, faces seems to have displayed the ability assume the class abilities of others.


As far as the PCs know, “Faces” is a doppleganger. Whether or not known associate, Tagotchi, was aware of this is unknown. This was established using Gloves of Object Reading on a note from “Faces” found in Tagochi’s possession.

Other notes have observed that “Faces” may have moved some money meant for one of Tagotchi’s other dealings into his own operation, most likely the hiring of the Orc assassins used to kill the merchant prince in place before Tagotchi’s takeover.

“Faces” played a major part in the framing of Rraskinar Remenimi, personally assuming the guise of the barbarian and breaking into the city guard’s main building, stealing or destroying much of the evidence that would have revealed Tagotchi to be the villain he was.

It is also known that “Faces” has dominated and subsequently turned to his thralls several skilled Shadowmasters, resulting in Tipret Prenskylvar taking up residence in the tower. This event confirmed what many had already suspected: the doppleganger harrying them also possessed vampiric powers.


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