Diasaan Wunjo

A Rashemi Othlar.


Wizard 3 / Focused Specialist (conjuration) 4 / Hathran 10 / Thaumatargist 2
Character Sheet
Specializes in exaulted spells, elemental and celestial summons, and acid attacks


Diasaan Wunjo is a proud and abrasive wizard who holds herself to a strict code of honor. She strives to be good, to take the high and noble road where she can, and wastes no effort in trying to make anyone her friend. She has a dry sense of humor, is utterly paranoid, lawful to a fault, and is protective of her own people. She feels a deep responsibility for those under her command, and holds herself to a high degree of accountability.

The eleventh of thirteen children, Diasaan was taken from her family for training as an Ethran at the age of five. She has few memories of her parents and siblings, and once, she would have almost indifferently noted that she was ‘but one among many,’ and that her true family was meaningless. She was raised by her Aunt Asuli along with her cousin, Raisa, in Ubjule-Under-the-Heather. Her life was training, amusements few and in stolen moments. She was kept away from men and taught a deep disdain for them, so she hardly knew even the boys of her own village. However, duty to Rashemen herself was as deeply ingrained in her as all the pride and pettiness of her aunt, who resented the fact a half-Rashemi girl was more clever than her own daughter.

Asuli was mother, mentor, tormenter, and idol in one for young Diasaan. The Ethran was shown a great deal of respect by the villagers, and Dia herself longed to be looked on the same way. The certainty she must have died in the attack on Ubulje that lead to herself, Rraskinar, and a handful of other youths of the village being thrown into danger was a blow, yet hardly one the proud young counjurer would show. Despite her own haughtiness, an echo of Asuli’s, she was willing to fight for Rashemen and her companions, and, driven by the image of Witch as Protectress her aunt had so often drawn for her, sought to protect everyone and everything she could, even when she knew she wasn’t strong enough.

The trials she has faced have changed Diasaan from a slightly soft, vain and ambitious girl into a stern, commanding, and noble young woman with an honor code to rival a paladin’s. Her students believe her to be a holy woman, if eccentric. She has become a cold taskmaster, quick to snap and sparring with praise.

Diasaan Wunjo

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