Triple Dragon Ante

Venturing through the Orc Den

For our last three sessions, we have continued fighting our way through the cavernous holdings of the Outcast tribe. So far, we have defeated the Fell Drakes who stood watch outside, a number of the orcs and Greenspawn Zealots who dwelt within. Seriously, all the green draconic creatures have been a bit much.

We have freed 38 slaves, with one fatality amongst them. Each group has been armed before being sent off to make their own way.

So far, 107 have died to our forces.

Our own fatalities yet to be risen: Martin the Musteval

The most distinctive foes killed so far: “Tito Fuente”: An Orog drummer of some sort, who came with Greenskin. “Greenskin Grayscale”: A half-green dragon Orog who once lead the Outcasts, and then directed the draconic worship.

Creatures seen so far: -Orogs (orc type) -Abyssal Drakes (...outsiders, of the Evil variety) -Greenspawn Zealots (draconic type) -Greenspawn Sneaks (draconic type) -Redspawn Fire Belchers (of some sort)(draconic) -Tanaruk (orc type)

+ One Unknown Freaky Water Creature.


BoSheck Falamh

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