Triple Dragon Ante

A shrouded Clue

The following was a letter found on the high priest in the temple of Tiamat nestled deep within the orcish mines. Full summary of activities concerning the mines will be posted at a later date. It should be noted the note was hidden away with a secret page.

(Prelate Zelen Sakriti)
I must first commend you on your success of turning the wierd’s pool into what it is. You have saved me the trouble of having to create breeders to create the number of troops I require. Infused with draconic essence, these orcs shall become a force to be reckoned with.

It has been many moons since I gifted the birther to you, you should have ample mounts and muscle for the Outcasts to use as warbeasts. Your request for more time is being officially denied. I am not a fool, and you would to well to remember this. Had you spent your time hatching more appropriate spawn, instead of hatching schemes to create more Zealots, and attempting to establish a temple complex, your army might be better equipped. Perhaps you should have started with a few more birthers, green-scaled fool. I would remind you that while you are powerful, you are not the general of my personal armies. You are a subordinate, and shall behave as such. If you continue to act subversively, Kaesin’s most trusted lieutenant shall talk to you, and you will find yourself without much choice beyond cooperation.

That is not a threat—it’s a promise.

Those orcs will be mobilized, will be a threat, and will be engaging Psant’s resident military before the 13th of Kythorn. These plans are sensitive and I cannot reveal all to you, however, be assured that the Queen’s will be done through them. The greenspawn elites whom delivered this letter to you shall be taking charge of the military aspect of operations on Outcast Mountain—once the army has arrived at the foothills they will cede supervision of the tribe to you again.

Failure is not an option, Zelen,

You still stand in my favor, stay that way, Okar.


BoSheck BoSheck

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