Triple Dragon Ante

Orcs and such

session 2/08/09

We brave adventurers have found ourselves dealing with the orcs who were poised to sweep in and attack Psant in response to the actions of the true Tagotchi against the half-orcs of the city. Gwen and Oksana, with Kiba and Mandona as escort, dealt with the six main orc tribes, seeking to convince them that such an attack would be ill-advised. Five tribes were convinced, so long as the people of Psant would give promise no such atrocity as this would pass again in stone. This was agreed, and the unveiling is scheduled for the day of the solar eclipse, amidst other festivities.

The Outcast tribe, who had turned to dragon worship and was looked upon with unease even by other orcs, declared that they would not back down, and, furthermore, would see Tagotchi dead. Concern that they might attack amidst the festivities to come led our adventurers to gather their resources and stage an attack on the Outcast tribe themselves.

We left off just outside the double doors leading into the complex, having slain a number of orcs, part-dragons, and two demonic-looking wyvern like creatures.

Additional help on this mission: A Shiradi Eladrin, a Planetar, and the Archmage Kuthar of Ironhame.


BoSheck BoSheck

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