Triple Dragon Ante


After a little investigation and preparation, the majority of the group ended up waiting for their opponents to make the move on the day of the 13th—a day scheduled for festivities surrounding the triumph of Phsant in recent events, as well as an eclipse.

Taking some time to relax, the majority of the group spent the morning of their day at an upscale bathhouse, before the midday event.

Positioning themselves on the roof of Blog Bloggerson’s clocktower, mostly everyone observed the parade, and festival until the time of the eclipse. Merchant Prince Tagotchi gave a moving speech, and as everyone waited for the sun’s rays to be once more full force, magical light spells within the city ceased to function.

Several more minutes passed, as an animated statue of some sort appeared from the sky, landed upon the now revealed monument, and laid out a short speech of despair and doom. About this time all hell broke loose: Several devils appearaed from within the crows, and Dono Tagotchi himself was wounded by an unseen assailant. The market square collapsed in on itself, and two great dragons rocketed in from the darkness of the sky, one being ridden by a humanoid in demonic armor-the other an Abyssal drake the party had felled, returned to life and made partially construct. Filauxerimos-a wyrm dragon that had been contacted by Gwen-went to fight with the drake, while the second balked and disappeared, it’s location currently unknown.

The group engaged the 8 devils who had revealed themselves, Mandana recieving several wounds before retreating.

While the rest of the group battled the Legion devils known as Hell’s 9, Gwen took it upon herself to engage the being taking shelter inside the animated object, landing a single arrow—the arcanist returned fire with an explosive death spell, slaying Gwen and destroying her body. Diasaan Wunjo, calling upon the spirits of Rashemen and what holy powers she had about her person, banished several of the Devils, causing the others to beat a hasty retreat.

Session was ended at this time.


BoSheck BoSheck

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