Triple Dragon Ante

Eclipse Part 2

Battle in the Twilight

With the death of Gwyn, her follower (and admirer) engaged the previously observant arcanist in a deadly firefight. Forcing the party into a tunnel beneath the square with fiery aerial blasts and an impressive repitoire of utility spells, their draconic foe appeared to have the upper hand. Mandana Nikoo Shadi Beat a retreat toward the tower, having taken the brunt of the Legion Devil’s attacks. As the battle was joined by the remaining party, Zon made his presence known, as mobs of Vampire Spawn began to move in on the square. A series of daring manuevers and incredible stunts resulted in the flying caster being struck by a binding crossbow bolt fastened to a riverine chain. As the heroes tightened the winch built into the contraption, Zon darted several hundred feet up the chain, balancing on it as he pummeled the dragonspawn with his bare hands.

Meanwhile Dia, Gaheris and their followers had been trading blows in another aerial combat after attempting to save several innocents from—a vampiric knight mounted upon a vampiric dragon had singled out Oksana. The combatants tried to protect the holy woman from the relentless onslaught of their vampiric foes but the party was divided, attempting to finish the Arcaniss before the binding effect wore away, and simultaneously attempting to protect citizens Phsant from the flood of spawn that had surged up from beneath the city.

At almost the same moment, the Arcaniss fell and the vampiric knight cut Oksana down. Seeing the fight slowly being swayed he holds his sword skyward and shouts spitefully “Her soul is mine!” The dragon trumpets a signal and makes a straight away from the city.

The party chose not to pursue, most of their resources being drained and wary of what traps their enemies might still have planned for them.


BoSheck BoSheck

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