Triple Dragon Ante

Eclipse Part 2
Battle in the Twilight

With the death of Gwyn, her follower (and admirer) engaged the previously observant arcanist in a deadly firefight. Forcing the party into a tunnel beneath the square with fiery aerial blasts and an impressive repitoire of utility spells, their draconic foe appeared to have the upper hand. Mandana Nikoo Shadi Beat a retreat toward the tower, having taken the brunt of the Legion Devil’s attacks. As the battle was joined by the remaining party, Zon made his presence known, as mobs of Vampire Spawn began to move in on the square. A series of daring manuevers and incredible stunts resulted in the flying caster being struck by a binding crossbow bolt fastened to a riverine chain. As the heroes tightened the winch built into the contraption, Zon darted several hundred feet up the chain, balancing on it as he pummeled the dragonspawn with his bare hands.

Meanwhile Dia, Gaheris and their followers had been trading blows in another aerial combat after attempting to save several innocents from—a vampiric knight mounted upon a vampiric dragon had singled out Oksana. The combatants tried to protect the holy woman from the relentless onslaught of their vampiric foes but the party was divided, attempting to finish the Arcaniss before the binding effect wore away, and simultaneously attempting to protect citizens Phsant from the flood of spawn that had surged up from beneath the city.

At almost the same moment, the Arcaniss fell and the vampiric knight cut Oksana down. Seeing the fight slowly being swayed he holds his sword skyward and shouts spitefully “Her soul is mine!” The dragon trumpets a signal and makes a straight away from the city.

The party chose not to pursue, most of their resources being drained and wary of what traps their enemies might still have planned for them.


After a little investigation and preparation, the majority of the group ended up waiting for their opponents to make the move on the day of the 13th—a day scheduled for festivities surrounding the triumph of Phsant in recent events, as well as an eclipse.

Taking some time to relax, the majority of the group spent the morning of their day at an upscale bathhouse, before the midday event.

Positioning themselves on the roof of Blog Bloggerson’s clocktower, mostly everyone observed the parade, and festival until the time of the eclipse. Merchant Prince Tagotchi gave a moving speech, and as everyone waited for the sun’s rays to be once more full force, magical light spells within the city ceased to function.

Several more minutes passed, as an animated statue of some sort appeared from the sky, landed upon the now revealed monument, and laid out a short speech of despair and doom. About this time all hell broke loose: Several devils appearaed from within the crows, and Dono Tagotchi himself was wounded by an unseen assailant. The market square collapsed in on itself, and two great dragons rocketed in from the darkness of the sky, one being ridden by a humanoid in demonic armor-the other an Abyssal drake the party had felled, returned to life and made partially construct. Filauxerimos-a wyrm dragon that had been contacted by Gwen-went to fight with the drake, while the second balked and disappeared, it’s location currently unknown.

The group engaged the 8 devils who had revealed themselves, Mandana recieving several wounds before retreating.

While the rest of the group battled the Legion devils known as Hell’s 9, Gwen took it upon herself to engage the being taking shelter inside the animated object, landing a single arrow—the arcanist returned fire with an explosive death spell, slaying Gwen and destroying her body. Diasaan Wunjo, calling upon the spirits of Rashemen and what holy powers she had about her person, banished several of the Devils, causing the others to beat a hasty retreat.

Session was ended at this time.

A shrouded Clue

The following was a letter found on the high priest in the temple of Tiamat nestled deep within the orcish mines. Full summary of activities concerning the mines will be posted at a later date. It should be noted the note was hidden away with a secret page.

(Prelate Zelen Sakriti)
I must first commend you on your success of turning the wierd’s pool into what it is. You have saved me the trouble of having to create breeders to create the number of troops I require. Infused with draconic essence, these orcs shall become a force to be reckoned with.

It has been many moons since I gifted the birther to you, you should have ample mounts and muscle for the Outcasts to use as warbeasts. Your request for more time is being officially denied. I am not a fool, and you would to well to remember this. Had you spent your time hatching more appropriate spawn, instead of hatching schemes to create more Zealots, and attempting to establish a temple complex, your army might be better equipped. Perhaps you should have started with a few more birthers, green-scaled fool. I would remind you that while you are powerful, you are not the general of my personal armies. You are a subordinate, and shall behave as such. If you continue to act subversively, Kaesin’s most trusted lieutenant shall talk to you, and you will find yourself without much choice beyond cooperation.

That is not a threat—it’s a promise.

Those orcs will be mobilized, will be a threat, and will be engaging Psant’s resident military before the 13th of Kythorn. These plans are sensitive and I cannot reveal all to you, however, be assured that the Queen’s will be done through them. The greenspawn elites whom delivered this letter to you shall be taking charge of the military aspect of operations on Outcast Mountain—once the army has arrived at the foothills they will cede supervision of the tribe to you again.

Failure is not an option, Zelen,

You still stand in my favor, stay that way, Okar.

Venturing through the Orc Den

For our last three sessions, we have continued fighting our way through the cavernous holdings of the Outcast tribe. So far, we have defeated the Fell Drakes who stood watch outside, a number of the orcs and Greenspawn Zealots who dwelt within. Seriously, all the green draconic creatures have been a bit much.

We have freed 38 slaves, with one fatality amongst them. Each group has been armed before being sent off to make their own way.

So far, 107 have died to our forces.

Our own fatalities yet to be risen: Martin the Musteval

The most distinctive foes killed so far: “Tito Fuente”: An Orog drummer of some sort, who came with Greenskin. “Greenskin Grayscale”: A half-green dragon Orog who once lead the Outcasts, and then directed the draconic worship.

Creatures seen so far: -Orogs (orc type) -Abyssal Drakes (...outsiders, of the Evil variety) -Greenspawn Zealots (draconic type) -Greenspawn Sneaks (draconic type) -Redspawn Fire Belchers (of some sort)(draconic) -Tanaruk (orc type)

+ One Unknown Freaky Water Creature.

Orcs and such
session 2/08/09

We brave adventurers have found ourselves dealing with the orcs who were poised to sweep in and attack Psant in response to the actions of the true Tagotchi against the half-orcs of the city. Gwen and Oksana, with Kiba and Mandona as escort, dealt with the six main orc tribes, seeking to convince them that such an attack would be ill-advised. Five tribes were convinced, so long as the people of Psant would give promise no such atrocity as this would pass again in stone. This was agreed, and the unveiling is scheduled for the day of the solar eclipse, amidst other festivities.

The Outcast tribe, who had turned to dragon worship and was looked upon with unease even by other orcs, declared that they would not back down, and, furthermore, would see Tagotchi dead. Concern that they might attack amidst the festivities to come led our adventurers to gather their resources and stage an attack on the Outcast tribe themselves.

We left off just outside the double doors leading into the complex, having slain a number of orcs, part-dragons, and two demonic-looking wyvern like creatures.

Additional help on this mission: A Shiradi Eladrin, a Planetar, and the Archmage Kuthar of Ironhame.


The last major thing to happen in the game was that the heroes had managed to sneak into the merchant lord Tagotchi’s estate, and through a roundabout way eliminate him, replacing him with a double, who would work to undo the wrongs he had wrought in his short time as Lord. A short coverup immediately followed. During a period of rest and recovery, the tower was laid siege to by several dragonspawn, nearly resulting in a few deaths. Diasan neatly dealt with the first wave, and a short combat ensued afterwards.

Mr. M. delievered a new set of gifts to the tower, as well as a Zodar. Borovick left the group to continue his life’s quest. An old flame of his returned to take his place, and some tension ensued between ‘Dana and her.

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