Big trouble in little Shou-town

Following a brutal civil war, and a surprise Thayan invasion culminating in a battle over the city of Mulsantir, several young Rashemi heroes have traveled down the Golden Way to the city of Phsant, in hopes of bargaining for mercenary forces to protect their weakened country. Swallowing their pride they have done the dirty work of the Shadowmasters, knowingly. Several mysterious figures direct their actions, cloaking their true intentions so that friend and foe blur in the darkness.

Now they are faced with the beginnings of genocide by a power-crazed Yakuza, a vampire who could be any-one anywhere, the threat of war coming down upon their very heads, and more. But, perhaps worst of all, they have earned the ire of three draconic siblings, whose terrible schemes reach across the worlds themselves.

“Spellborn blackness hides the first of three;
foretold misfortune brought on thee.
On those taken the creature feeds; now their bodies servants be.”

Triple Dragon Ante

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